Questionaire to be filled out by prospective players

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Questionaire to be filled out by prospective players

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Hi there!

1. Why are you interested in joining our server?

2. How long have you been playing Minecraft for?

3. What's your favorite thing about playing Minecraft?

4. How do you see yourself contributing to our community on the server?

5. What are your goals or objectives while playing on our server?

6. Do you prefer playing solo or with a group of people? Why?

7. Do you understand what "no griefing" means, and do you understand that this is a no griefing, no stealing, no player killing server?

Please copy the questions above or just reference the numbers and make your own reply. Feel free to add more details or your own questions that you answer.

Optional: If you'd like to share any links to your social media profiles or other online profiles, please include them here.

Minecraft username:
Email address:

Please post your response in the forum or message me directly in Discord (Odielag#4739) if you want to keep your application private.

I hope this revised application form is helpful to you! Good luck with your server.
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