My online introduction

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My online introduction

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Hi. My name is Omar or Odielag if you're a gamer.

Here's a picture of me:
Here's another picture of me at the same wavelength as the sun: ... 8964172878
Here's a nice picture of me from a few years ago:

At 40 years old I've realized that I want to enjoy my life more.

I was born in Minnesota. Half of my childhood was spent there.

For most of my life I've lived in northern California with my mom and brother.

I have two years of college education, amazing computer skills, an eye for photography and I enjoy innovating and making new things.

As a bonus I sometimes have a supernatural gift of influencing (changing) already made movies and videos by my thoughts as I watch them.

An example of one of my favorite movies is Flight of the Navigator.

Here are some photos to enjoy:

VW Beetle:
(I love the smell of the original VW Beetles. I was a baby in those.

My finger with a tiny lightbulb:
I love capturing tiny things because thinking about them is easy.

A stained glass windmill that I sold a framed print of for 200 dollars:

An picture in the game Anarchy Online (has a rich story universe):

A rich friend of mine named Shannon Sanders wearing my sunglasses.
(He's owned a 200 person newspaper company with his brother and also lives in northern California).
We're both nearly 7 foot men and he joked that we should be in a movie where I'm the bad guy and he's the good guy.

Another rich friend of mine named Ian Twinn wearing my sunglasses.
(He's been a marketing jetsestter who's been all around the world).
We wanted to meet so he paid for me to ride my 170 horsepower superbike back in the day into SF to meet with him.
(A picture of my old superbike)

A funny bumper sticker that I made: ... gMXhRLFTYl

Modern synth music:

And last but not least my YouTube page with Minecraft videos and 1000+ songs on my YouTube favorites list!

Thanks and I hope you've found something to enjoy! : )
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